I love what I do, I love to see a smile turn a smile turn a smile. Life is too short, too melancholy for some.

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SINCE U BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! (since u been gone) I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IM SO MOVING ON (ya ya) THANKS TO YOU (thanks to you) NOW I GET (now i get) I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAANT



when people assume i’m straight i feel so insulted, like am i not gay enough?? do i need to step up my queer game??


just when you think you’ve seen it all there’s someone arguing that saying “faggot” doesn’t have anything to do with gay people

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Lea Michele and friends out to lunch in NYC.

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sometimes i realize how much i treat people like shit and it’s a wonderful feeling

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its hard to be attractive when youre not




I would take a bullet for garlic bread

who would shoot a garlic bread

Feeling confident in your own skin is so important. Embrace your strengths and be proud of who you are.



list of cute things

  • you
  • also you
  • hey look you
  • and you
  • wait wait wait
  • you
  • you’re cute



When the young ones misbehave, Escorts children to their grave, Never backtalk never lie, Or he’ll drop you FROM THE SKY!

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gay in the streets. gay in the sheets. gay at school. and work. gay always. i am so gay.


"what are you thinking about?"

video game characters, how i feel about video games characters, all the video games i want, how i am going to afford all the video games i want, the new consoles i want, the video games i am yet to finish…

oh, nothing”


16/100 pictures of Dianna Agron

16/100 pictures of Dianna Agron